Frequently asked questions

1. How do I book?

You are able to book a course(s) online 24 hours a day. Full payment of the course is kindly requested upon booking. We accept all major credit/debit cards which include Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, Maestro,  Solo, Electron, Maestro-Int, Diners, JCB and M/C Debit cards. Please note that we DO accept American Express payment cards but due to high fees, it is not our preferred method of payment.

2. What qualification does the British Beauty Academy offer?

The certificate (same as a diploma) that you will receive carries the accreditation of the major body industries and will prove that you have  been trained to a satisfactory level for those governing bodies. This means that you will be able to obtain public liability insurance. Public liability insurance is a legal requirement to have in place before treating a member of the public and charging them money for the service you are providing. You will be provided with details of how to get insured once you have trained with us. Our certificates are fully insurable but in very rare cases some insurance companies may not recognise our certificate(s) therefore we strongly advise that you ask your beauty insurance provider before booking any of our courses to ensure they accept our certificates if you are particular about who you wish to be insured by. 

3. Why choose a short course and not a higher level course such as NVQ?

The main advantage of choosing this route rather than enrolling on a course at NVQ level is that you do not have to complete any case studies and it allows you to start working and earning the cheapest and fastest way.

4. Can you really learn in one day?

The simple answer is Yes! We believe that as long as you put in the practice after you have completed any of our courses, you will be well on your way to being highly successful in your new chosen career. Our trainers are highly skilled and experienced in teaching you to be perfectly competent before you leave on the day hence why we have a 100% success rate but like anything in life, 'practice makes perfect'.

5. How big are your classes?

All of our classes are of a manageable size so that our tutors can ensure students are given plenty of time, attention and the opportunity to ask any questions. Students are especially encouraged to air any questions whilst on our courses. We are pleased to say that great emphasis is put on the practical side of training as accurate handwork is one of the most essential factors in any beauty training course.

6. What do I wear?

Ideally you are requested to wear salon wear such as a beauty tunic and trousers which is a good habit to be in right from the beginning of your new career (or to continue good practice if you are already a beauty therapist) although smart but comfortable dress code is also satisfactory.

7. Why can't I see my course booking email confirmation?

If you have not received a confirmation email after booking your course, please CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL. If you have already done so and the email is not there then please send us a text with your full name, course(s) booked, date booked for and location and we will send you a TEXT confirmation. Email confirmations take longer to be sent therefore we will send you a TEXT confirmation with your course details. TEXT confirmations sent by the academy will be deemed satisfactory to show on the day of course(s) as confirmation that you are booked on.

8. Why does the British Beauty Academy have so many negative reviews on Salongeek?

We understand that students spend their hard earned money, take out their valued time and sometimes they even have to travel a fair distance to arrive for training. We take this very seriously and therefore have strict training policies to ensure the training runs smoothly.

In addition to our many competitors out there, comments written about the British Beauty Academy on Salongeek are also written by ex-trainers. In the past, the academy relieved those trainers who failed to turn up for training, in turn letting down our valued students. This has never been tolerated by the academy and trainers were well aware of this strict policy that has been put in place to protect our students. 

It should also be noted that Salongeek is NOT a professional review company. Although they give the impression of being an independent forum, they are in actual fact, employing deceptive marketing strategies for their own benefit. The moderators that run are from the company

You can read the various unfavorable reviews about Salongeek itself on the links provided below where it says that Salongeek is:

 "Full of trolls, and totally biased to one company. Expect to be ripped apart. The moderators are psychopaths."

The above quoted statement can be read here

Click here for another link where it is written:

" What does is against the law. Innocent users think they are using a neutral forum but this is actually's hunting ground to peddle their store. This is unfair competition to other product sellers."

There are also adverse reviews about Salongeek on Trust Pilot on another link here

We are not normally in the practice of reacting to this kind of mannerism but on this occasion we genuinely feel we should provide an insight as to why these negative comments exist as it may cause unneccessary concern for some people wishing to book our courses.

On a more reassuring note, to read the REAL, 100% genuine British Beauty Academy student reviews, please click here.

9. What are your Terms & Conditions?

Please kindly ensure you read our Terms & Conditions before booking any of our courses which can be found here.

10. Do you accept ILA funding?

We regret to say that we do not currently accept ILA funding although it may be something we look into for future.

Still have more questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking below and we will be more than happy to help you.

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